This War of Mine, Which Portrays the Civilian Cost of War, Will Donate all Proceeds from Sales to the Ukrainian Red Cross

If you, like the rest of the world, are watching in horror as Russia invades sovereign Ukraine then you must also know that Ukrainian civilians are going to be hurting the most. 11 Bit Studios, developer of This War of Mine, plans to donate all proceeds from the purchase of their game to the Ukrainian Red Cross. 

This War of Mine is a game in which you control a group of civilians trying to survive during wartime. It’s ultimately a game about resource management, but it does a great job illustrating the human toll that is sometimes overlooked during wartime. It’s a dark but important message that is made even more important by recent events. 

Polish-based 11-Bit studios released a statement yesterday: 

“Today Russian military forces attacked the free country of Ukraine–our neighbors. As a Polish game studio and creators of the globally recognized anti-war game, This War of Mine–one that directly speak about the suffering and misery of civilians who are affected by war–we’d like to hereby announce our company statement: we stand against the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Just words would be empty without a meaningful act though, and the timing is crucial, so the act is as follows: for the next seven days, all profits from This War of Mine, all its DLCs, on all stores and all platforms will go to a special fund. A week from now, this money will be donated to the Ukrainian Red Cross to directly support victims of war in Ukraine. 


Let this message resonate with everything you know about this war and how war kills people, devastates their lives and homes. Let us–players and developers together–do everything we can to support victims of war in Ukraine.

Sincerely, all the people of 11 bit studios”


Not only is This War of Mine in incredibly important game, if you buy it now you can be giving money to a crucial humanitarian effort.


Antal Bokor
Antal Bokor

Antal is video game advocate, retro game collector, and video game historian.
He is also a small streamer, occasional podcast guest, and writer.

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