Preview: With Its Latest Update Session: Skate Sim Feels Like a Whole New Game

Session: Skate SIm While I skateboarded a bit when I was younger, I never really did much more than balance on the board. The most I learned about skateboarding was through video games. It was interesting, then, to get a chance to check out Session: Skate Sim. While the skateboarding games I’m used to playing are purely arcade experiences, Session tries to be a more realistic experience—made for those familiar with skateboarding. I was definitely intrigued—and with its February update promising a load of improvements, this seemed like the best time to try it out. Session: Skate Sim is a an open world skating sim with an emphasis on realism. In it, you play as a skater in the 90’s, presumably being recorded with a VHS camcorder as you explore and do tricks across various New York City locations. Session: Skate Sim  doesn’t really employ a control scheme I’ve encountered before. In fact, I had a little bit of trouble getting used to using each joystick to perform tricks, and turning with the triggers on my Xbox controller. The idea is that each joystick represents each foot, and you perform tricks while also maintaining balance. It’s a cool concept that took me a long time to get used to. Session: Skate SIm I wasn’t sure I could master Session’s brand of skating, but once I went into the options and changed a few things—notably its awkward, ultra zoomed-in camera—I started to feel  like I was getting the hang of performing tricks, even if my timing still needs a little work. I didn’t play Session: Skate Sim before its latest (and apparently huge) February update, but I like what I’ve played so far. With the new update developer crea-ture Studios allows you to tweak all sorts of settings to customize your Session experience exactly how you want, Session: Skate Sim really gets into some serious sim-level detail, with settings even letting you change how much friction is applied for certain tricks. The detail is remarkable, and definitely makes Session: Skate Sim the most in-depth skateboarding game I’ve ever encountered. Session: Skate SIm Session: Skate Sim is an Early Access game — which means it’s still in active development. It’s been in Early Access since 2019, and developer crea-ture Studios is hoping to wrap up Session for a full release sometime this year. With its most recent update in February, they’re definitely heading in the right direction towards a finished product. I expected to just jump into Session: Skate Sim and start pulling off tricks, but its learning curve surprised me. Session has an attention to realism I haven’t seen in a skateboarding game before. Its February update added a whole lot of improvements, options to tweak the background sim and a whole list of added content. If you’ve been curious to check out Session: Skate Sim now is the best time yet.   Session: Skate Sim is available now for PC in Early Access on Steam.         A Steam key was provided to us for this preview.
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