Retrospective: Music Box Theatre Presents a Week of All Things Weird, Wonderful and Totally Lynchian

Five years (and one pandemic) after its first go-round with an all-David-Lynch, all-the-time program, Chicago's Music Box Theatre again presents a week-long retrospective on "one of the greatest and most original American filmmakers in existence" (according to the theater's press release). David Lynch: A Complete Retrospective - The Return runs April 7 - 14 at the Lakeview cinema, featuring over a dozen films by the filmmaker plus documentaries, music videos and more. Films by Lynch will be screened on 35mm film, and several special guests are schedules to make appearances, too. Over the course of the week, diehard Lynch fans (and of course those interested in discovering his vast catalogue) can screen everything from 1997's Eraserhead to 2014's Duran Duran: Unstaged, Lynch's concert doc featuring the British new wave band. The theatre is promoting the retrospective as an immersive experience, and while that's doesn't mean there's a Lynch VR experience to go along with the screenings (maybe next year), there will be hints of Lynchian tributes throughout the theater (keep an eye out for the carpet in the main cinema and a specialty cocktail menu in the lounge). Beyond the Blue Velvets and Mulholland Drives, a solid selection of supplementary screenings is programmed throughout the week. Dig into Lynch documentaries like David Lynch: The Art Life, about the artists holistic approach to his aesthetic and creativity; and Meditation, Creativity, Peace, a free screening of Lynch's 16-country tour promoting...meditation, creativity and peace. I Don't Know Jack is the 2002 documentary about actor Jack Nance, who became famous when he appeared in Eraserhead; and Boxing Helena is also in the lineup, written and directed by Lynch's daughter Jennifer Lynch. Passes to David Lynch: A Complete Retrospective - The Return are $150 ($125 for Music Box Theatre members) and include guaranteed seating at any series screening as well as a commemorative stamp-book to chronicle your experience. It's interactive! The complete series line-up and information on showtimes and tickets are available online.
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Lisa Trifone