Blue Cove Blend the Right Amount of Energy into Their Sound on Their Latest Singles

Blue Cove is the duo of singer-songwriter Stephanie Nikolas and multi-instrumentalist Eric Breden, a pair of high school friends turned romantic and musical partners. The two released a trio of songs that have been stuck in my head ever since the first listen. Blending some enticing shoegaze base with some element of exuberant pop punk, Blue Cove has whipped up some perfect songs for these so to be warm spring nights.

Blue Cove: Stephanie Nikolas & Eric Breden

The three tracks ("Here You Come", "Thrive", and "Soothe") feel like they have a distinct sonic thread, leading us down nice progression of Blue Cove's style. As the noise begins to transform in to melody, "Here You Come" takes a hold of you with the softest, dreamiest hug you could imagine. There is an engulfing feeling Nikolas' vocals have, taking over the song with that hazy shoegaze feel. "Thrive" continues that lofty sensation but with Breden's instrumental feeling brighter and more direct. Both songs invoke a sense of positivity with some darkness hidden beneath it all. The closing line of "Here You Come" ("You calm my compulsions with your peace") feels serene but wrought with trouble while "What’s your kind and can we bind?" opening up "Thrive" is cautiously welcoming, protecting oneself before diving in.

However it's on "Soothe" where Blue Cove's sound reaches out into darker themes and near anthemic sounding territory. The thick cloud of ethereal goodness is parted and some expressive pop punk sounds comes to the forefront. It does away with the balance of "Thrive" and opts for a more aggressive and vibrant approach. Not enough to ruin their fantastic shoegaze vibe, but enough to give it a driving energy. It's no wonder given the song's strong takedown of an abusive relationship and the desire to soothe oneself of it. "Fuck your help, I’ll soothe myself" sings Nikolas at the end of the track as her voice and Breden's instrumentation are sent to their most unrelenting pop punk induced heights, where everything converges into one explosive sound. It's cathartic and truly feels like they're letting it all out in one massive track.

Blue Cove is set to release their debut album Thrive later in the year and this small taste is stellar. Follow the Blue over on Soundcloud, Bandcamp, and Spotify.

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