Review: A Rowdy Metro Welcomed Post Animal Home

Frequent Chicago concert goers could probably tell you they know who Post Animal is. They are a staple of the Chicago indie artist scene, so it was more than perfect for them to conclude their tour in their home city. Post Animal (Dalton Allison, Jake Hirshland, Javi Reyes, Wesley Toledo, Matt Williams) never fails to put on an energetic show; and they have a pretty loyal following that likes to match that energy by getting down in the mosh pit.

After hearing their first single, “Puppy Dog” from their newest record, Love Gibberish, I was captivated by the instrumentation and the ambiance it created. They like to innovate while still staying true to their signature sound. Love Gibberish is an instant Post Animal classic; with its lively yet reverby instrumentation and catchy lyrics; this may be my favorite Post Animal record to date.

Post Animal - Photo by Andrew Lagunas

The immense hype for their home city show at Metro made for a grand and vigorous conclusion to their tour. Post Animal spared no time to get the crowd instantly head banging. Opening with “Bolt From Above” it felt like a time warp into the 80s. The sound of this song pays an homage to classic rock and made the Metro feel like a grand intro at a stadium show. You could have told me this song was 40 years old and I would have believed you (Not a bad thing!).

Following this they played my personal favorite, “You Were Not There.” This song sends the crowd into a sort of trance where everyone begins to jump and possibly even mosh, with the folks in the middle opening up the pit; a frequent tradition at a Post Animal show in Chicago. The energy that overcame the Metro was absolutely electric! The people in the front were fortunate enough to be at the mercy of the rail to hold on to, while a giant whirlpool of humans moshing just behind them.

The final song the boys played as I endured the tight photo pit was their powerhouse of a song “Gelatin Mode.” The venue grew hot from all the bodies jumping and slamming into each other. It’s easy to get lost in Post Animal’s music, especially live. Their intricate psychedelic sounds and spacey jams are what makes them worth it to see them live.

Post Animal - Photo by Andrew Lagunas

For their homecoming show, Post Animal invited a couple of guests to their performance. V.V. Lightbody joined them for their viral hit “When I Get Home” on Flute which made for a trippy stripped back version of the song on the first half, eventually building back up. During the encore, they invited Twin Peaks own Cadien James on guitar, concluding with their explosive song “Dirtpicker.”

 I’m extremely eager to see what comes next from the band, especially after their latest release. Post Animal is always putting out great stuff, however Love Gibberish has definitely stood out to me. The boys never fail at putting on great shows in their home city. Chicago has a lot of love for indie music and Post Animal will always have that hometown support.

All photos by Andrew Lagunas

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