Poem for Today: Freedom

It happened in Ferris Bueller’s hometown
In the Mayberry of the Midwest
I first heard about it while listening to WXRT
When Terri Hemmert played “All You Need Is Love”
Then, moments later, an email from friends in Scotland
It had made the news on the BBC
“Please let me know you are okay”

A generation of angry young men
Holden Caulfields with a gun
Are allowed to run rampant
Because a minority of people with power
Misinterpret a few words on a piece of paper
Written hundreds of years ago

Does their freedom take precedence over 
The freedom to walk down a street?
The freedom to drive a car?
The freedom to go to school?
The freedom to buy groceries?
The freedom to see a movie?
The freedom to attend a concert?
The freedom to go to church?

Americans are at war with one another
For no good reason
It’s a choice
It’s preventable
And now seven people are gone
When all they wanted to do was watch a parade


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June Sawyers
June Sawyers

June Sawyers has published more than 25 books. Her work has appeared in the Chicago Tribune, New City, San Francisco Chronicle, and Stagebill. She teaches at the Newberry Library and is the founder of the arts group, the Phantom Collective.