Gallery: Thursday at Fan Expo Chicago 2022

Convention time has officially begun with Thursday's kickoff to Fan Expo Chicago. Wizard World aficionados will surely see the similarities between this year and prior, but that familiarity isn't unwelcome. Fan Expo Chicago is the con you know and love, with a few more bells and whistles, as far as we've noticed thus far.

As per usual Thursdays are a great time to get a feel for the thing, if you're a weekend pass holder or working the convention, so we spent our time getting acquainted with the con again and finding all the goodies on the floor, from dice to bags, figures, cosplay gear and more. There was some great local presence, too, with the Logan Theatre hosting afternoon trivia and some of our favorite local organizations out in the vendor hall showing off truly great wares.

And even though we've not come around to the main days of the con, we've certainly seen some great cosplay already! We look forward to everyone else we'll meet and all the interesting things we'll see in panels as we head forward into Friday! See you there!

Contributing authors: Antal and Marielle Bokor

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