Gallery: Friday at Fan Expo Chicago 2022

Day Two is already in the books for the everything old is new again Wizard World turned Fan Expo. So far, as we've explored the floor we've seen that it's been a lot of creature comforts that set the new apart from the old, with badges vs wristbands, more exclusive drops like the Clerks 3 trailer, some more surprise additions to the guest list, and an app that functions more like the C2E2 app and makes planning for your panels and stops a lot easier.

We'd still love to see more gaming content, and of course there's room for even bigger guest lists, but what we love about Fan Expo Chicago is the baked in community feel it's had for so long. People come to have fun, and they come to cosplay. They're passionate about their fandoms, they love showing off their cosplay, and we love talking to them about it.

We were happy to see so many amazing costumes on the floor Friday, and we'll be on the lookout for even more as we hit the floor for Saturday!

Stay safe, stay hydrated, and we'll see you on the floor!

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Marielle Bokor