Preview: Choose Your Own Adventure at C2E2 2022!

Nature is healing. Summer is in full swing, and Lollapalooza is behind us. Fan Expo kicked off our summer convention circuit, and we, the nerds, will be returning to the city proper this weekend for C2E2 2022. In case you missed it, there was a winter version of C2E2 back in December, appropriately and quirkily titled CHI/IL. We were there for all the fun, including the unique Christmas versions of cosplay standbys like Deadpool, Harley Quinn and the Joker. But this wasn’t “the real” C2E2, we were told. That’s what’s coming in August! So here we are, passes in hand ready to take on the convention scene less than a month after we exhausted ourselves out in Rosemont, ready to take on the crowds and empty our pockets on cool nerdy merch while taking in some great cosplay and interesting panels.

This year feels a little different, and a little less mainstream, but that doesn’t mean you’ll find yourself with a lack of something to do if you look hard enough. And, with our handy dandy Choose Your Own Adventure Guide, it’ll be like you have the Cliff’s Note to what to do each day.

Just remember, a convention in August when the heat index hits 100 is a different animal than our usual February and March forays into McCormick Place. It will be HOT and it will be sweaty. Whether you’re in leather and EVA foam or just your favorite nerdy shirt, remember to hydrate and wear the most comfy flip flops your sweaty feets can handle, and be prepared to tell people it IS the humidity.

C2E2 starts today, so time to get down to business!


The cosplay curious should start out their day early, for the 11 am From Closet to Convention: Cosplay for Beginners at the Cosplay Central Stage on the main show floor. If you’re into cosplay or want to be, this is the place to learn more and get encouraged by what in our experience has been an enthusiastic, encouraging and inclusive crowd of folks who’d love to help you dream up your first big costume and bring it to life.

YouTube enthusiasts and pop culture junkies should meanwhile make their way to s405a at 11:30 am for Nostalgia Critic / Channel Awesome Q&A, featuring these fine YouTubers taking your questions on the content they’ve created over the years.

KPOP fans, your moment of zen arrives at 1 pm in S403 for a KPOP MV Watch Party, so get ready to rock out with your friends!

Jackbox fam, it’s time to hit The Yard you know and love from our last few years of C2E2s at 4pm for Jackbox Games and Friends where you’ll play some great games, sit on the astroturf with a beer and enjoy the local flavor.

Or if you’d like to keep it spookier while still “shopping” local for your panels, try out the Svengoolie Spotlight at 4pm in S403 with John Siuntres.

And if you’re a fan of the Legend of Korra, don’t miss the Janet Varney Spotlight at 5:30 in S401.

If you like the idea of mashing up improv and anime, and you feel like you’d like things loud, annoying and very annoying (haha) then make sure you’re on time for LAVA Live at 6 pm on the Main Stage, where the trio from this popular variety show will be on hand to entertain and irritate.

For the longhaulers, don’t forget to check out the After Dark Events, too! For everyone else break out the snacks, soak those feet and take that shower and get ready for Saturday!

Cosplay at C2E2 on Saturday. Photo by Aaron Cynic.


Disney diehards and pop princess fans of the aughts, make sure you’re channelling your inner Saturday morning child and getting up bright and early for the Aly & AJ Spotlight bright and early at 11 am on the Main Stage.

Star Wars fans, there’s plenty to do this con, but you need to make sure you’re in a great seat in the Main Stage panel room at 1 pm for the incomparable Billy Dee Williams during this Billy Dee Williams Spotlight .

If you’re a fan of fantastic podcasts and even more fantastic tabletop gaming, make sure you’re on hand in S404 at 1:15 pm (with masks on, as they’re required!) for Travis & Clint McElroy Q&A (Masks Required).

Star Wars fans, it’s probably a good idea to stick around the Main Stage after Billy Dee Williams, as at 2pm in the Main Stage room, you’ll find even more fun with the Star Wars Inquisitors panel.

TMNT fans and families, get together for heroes in a half shell and show your turtle pride when Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 30th Reunion Panel convenes in S404 at 2:45 pm.

It IS a comic con after all, so comic fans, make sure you’re showing up for MARVEL COMICS: Beyond Amazing – A Spider-Man Retrospective with C.B. Cebulski & Ryan Stegman at 4 pm in S401.

Then, save some time and energy for cheering on the amazing cosplayers of C2E2 Crown Championships of Cosplay on the Main Stage at 7:30 pm.


Podcast and pop culture people, it’s your time to rise and shine on Sunday for the The Aw Yeah Podcast LIVE: Follow Us When You See Us! at 11:15 am in S405b

Celebrate diverse cultures and learn something cool with the Afrofuturism and Social Justice: Through the Lens of Art Literature and Science at 11:30 am in S405a.

Meanwhile if it’s a pirate’s life for you, be on deck for Our Flag Means Death Cast Q&A on the Main Stage at 11:30 am.

Meanwhile gamers and Legend of Korra fans alike will want to be on hand at 11:45 am in S404 for the Steve Blum Spotlight

Say LGBTQI-Yay and celebrate pride and nerdery with The Future is Queer in S401 at at 2:30!

Anime fans (especially Demon Slayer devotees) you want to be ready for the Erika Harlacher Spotlight at 2:45 pm in S404.

Spend some time learning how to turn your nerdery towards the greater good with Joe Gatto, The Obama Foundation, and SuperheroIRL: Adventures from the Front Lines at 2:45 pm in S402.

Then, if you’re lookin’ for the last hurrah, make sure to hit up the wrap party in the lobby at 5 pm and get out that last bit of nerdy glee, cuz it’s all over til the next time!

Marielle Bokor
Marielle Bokor