Gallery: Saturday at C2E2 2022

It’s crazy to think that back in December, we were at McCormick Place for C2E2 (or CHI/IL, but …six of one) and that there will be yet another C2E2 in March, but things are simply crazy after a pandemic has wreaked its havoc, and we’re all just here to roll with it.

This year’s C2E2 was a little light on panel star power, but the cosplay game was fire, as you can tell from our Saturday gallery.

We missed some of the top notch entertainment of years past, but found ourselves at home on the floor even without the famed red carpet It’s nice to be able to be back at McCormick Place, even with crazy humidity and a 106 degree heat index, and those temps didn’t stop anyone from pulling out the best in show costuming.

Saturday was packed and merch was moving, as people prepared for that night’s cosplay competition, and we’re glad to see the convention circuit up and running.

Here’s to hoping March’s C2E2 is a return to form not only for cosplay and the show floor but also for panel programming, moderate temps and…maybe that red carpet? It was pretty cool.

We’ll see you there!

Photography credits; Aaron Cynic and Marielle Bokor

Marielle Bokor
Marielle Bokor