Preview: Riot Fest Kicks Off Tomorrow in Douglass Park

It may just be another weekend in Chicago for some, but for music fan it's time for Riot Fest to highlight the weekend with their eclectic mix of alternative rock, hip-hop, and beyond! With so many festivals happening it's been hard to keep track of all of them but Riot Fest has always stood as one of the best. They strive to bring some more hard hitting lineups in the game. There is something for every one. Whether you're looking for a modern hip-hop star/upcoming tag team wrestler like Action Bronson, grotesque monsters who can shred with the best of them like GWAR, or indie rock royalty in the form of Sleater Kinney, Riot Fest has you covered.

There's also a nice myriad of things to do at the fest beyond jamming out to your favorite bands. The Riot Fest Carnival is always a hit and the new Logan Arcade area will help you get that old school gaming on. May take a quick detour and see a pair of Riot Fest lovers tie the knot. And if you're still looking for something to do outside the festival hours, there are still some Late Night shows that haven't sold out! A reason why Riot Fest is a wild time!

Now Riot Fest is not without its detractors, especially with issues the local community has with the effects such a large festival has on Douglass Park and really disrespectful community meeting with Riot Fest's former festival organizer. But with proposals being made to take steps to curb such issues and Riot Fest committing to listening to the community's concerns, we can hope for some positive change for upcoming festivals.

This year's festival is fulfilling a lot of acts that fans have been waiting to see at Riot Fest for years! Nine Inch Nails had to bow out last year but will hopefully be able to take the stage on Sunday (although the forecast is for thunderstorms and that's never good). My Chemical Romance was initially slated for the 2020 edition of the fest, but had to be pushed back to this year, finally fulfilling the original reunion prophecy in Chicago. You can check out the new full sceduke below and at their website!

Get your tickets ASAP for this year's Riot Fest, taking place at Douglass Park, 1401 S Sacramento Dr!GA Three Day and Friday passes are sold out, but Saturday, Sunday, and 2 Day passes are still available! Don't miss out on what should be a great edition of this annual fest.

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