Review: The Horror Tarot Deck Is a Great Spooky Addition to Your Halloween

It’s the right time of year for the spooky and supernatural to come to the forefront. Everyone’s got ghosts and ghouls on their mind and are soaking up the Halloween thrills, whether it’s home horror movie marathons, haunted houses or drive-in fright delights. But horror fans know their love for the spooky and spectacular is a year-round affair, and that’s why the Horror Tarot Deck is not only a great addition to anyone’s Halloween plans, but also a great gift or treat for anyone who loves the genre all year round. 

The Horror Tarot Deck, by Aria Gmitter and Minerva Siegel, is a beautifully illustrated set of 78 cards celebrating everything creepy, macabre, dark and delightful. It’s beautifully packaged in a deluxe gift box and features an extensive guide book for those, like me, who know little to nothing about actually reading tarot cards, so that if you’d like to learn, you can. As an art piece, it’s also spectacular, with beautiful illustrations by Abigail Larson on every single card and in the guidebook. The finer touches show the care with which it was put together, from the delicate spiderwebs on the box to the blood red foil text that graces every card.

If I did have any complaints about the deck as a whole, I’d say that though the quality of the guide book, box and even art are outstanding,the cards themselves feel just a bit flimsy. Still, if you’re looking for beautiful cards for a horror collection or a tarot collection, I find the Horror Tarot Deck is something that’s easy to appreciate.

You can find the Horror Tarot Deck at many online retailers including Amazon.

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Marielle Bokor