Last Minute Plans: Dan Ozzi Is A “Sellout” At Gman Tavern

Photo by Erica Lauren

Music critic Dan Ozzi is well known for his sharp insight and even sharper wit in his writing. So I was excited about his decision to tackle a topic largely foreign to today's music fans—the notion of a musician "selling out" is a bit of a quaint notion these days—in his latest book Sellout.

Sellout chronicles the trials and tribulations of many bands now considered iconic, but that faced an uphill battle at some point of their career, a battle often created by their own fanbase revolting against a group's growing popularity.

The tome covers the careers of acts including Green Day, Jawbreaker, Jimmy Eat World, blink-182, The Donnas, My Chemical Romance, Rise Against, Against Me!, and many more. While the hardcover was released last year, the paperback version of Sellout was just released in an expanded edition featuring additional interviews and content.

To celebrate the release of the paperback, Ozzi has a few dates scheduled around the country, and he stops in Chicago tonight for a release party at Gman Tavern that kicks off at 7 p.m.

So show up, pick up a copy of Sellout, and take advantage of a chance to plumb the mind of the man behind the book.

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