Review: Yerin Baek Impresses Her Dedicated Fanbase at Chop Shop

South Korean singer-songwriter and producer Yerin Baek performed a dazzling show for a sold-out crowd at Chop Shop on the Chicago stop of her North American tour. 

Sans an opening act, the singer started off her set with “Lovegame,” “You’re so lonely now,” and “Hate you,” three soothing indie pop tracks and fan favorite songs. Yerin was joined onstage by two of her bandmates from the Volunteers, Cloud and Jonny, who accompanied her on the keyboard and guitar. Though it was her first time performing in Chicago, it was clear that the singer had an eager and dedicated fanbase present in the Windy City. The crowd sang along to every one of her songs, from “Popo (How Deep Is Our Love?)” from her first studio album to “Pisces,” her latest single.

In lieu of much commentary, the singer filled the time with more songs. Her setlist consisted of an impressive 20+ tracks from her vast discography. A perfect balance between her more chill and bright tunes, it was easy to get lost in the music and to sway and dance along to each song. During mid-set Yerin shyly admitted that she’s not the best at small talk. Despite her admission, the singer still made lighthearted banter with the audience while alternating between English and her native Korean. She even shared some personal stories, including her dream to become a singer who can creatively impact the lives of others just as her muses have done for her. 

Yerin’s incredible vocal ability shined throughout the night, her voice never faltering once in any song. Additionally, Yerin demonstrated that she’s more than just a talented singer, but also an incredibly attentive and caring performer. Conscious of the well-being and safety of her fans in attendance, the singer occasionally checked in with the audience to make sure everyone was all right throughout the show and even stopped her performance mid-song in order to make sure a fan was able to get the help that they needed. 

Bringing her performance to a close, Yerin performed a couple of stripped-down versions of audience-requested songs, including “Why Me?” and “His ocean.” The singer bashfully asked if her fans would come out to her show if she were to come back, to which the audience enthusiastically shouted back a resounding “Yes!” Yerin ended the set with “Square (2017),” leaving her fans smiling and filled with positive vibes, a sweet solace on a chilly Chicago night.

Check out Yerin’s newest single “Pisces” below.

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Pearl Shin