Matt Muse Knows His Worth on the Boathouse Produced “Leave Here”

Matt Muse, the Chicago/LA-based rapper and poet is keeping his game on point. He’s been releasing singles consistently over that past few years (“Rapport” & “Rockin’ / Bridges“) since the release of the fantastic LOVE & NAPPYNESS, which featured solid tracks like “AIN”T NO” and “SHOTGUN Remix”. Muse then capped off his 2022 with his fourth annual Love & Nappyness Hair Care Drive and the stellar Long Hair Don’t Care Show featuring performances from tobi lou, Senite and more. Now in 2023, he’s dropped a new single that has him at the top of his game and making it clear he knows exactly what he deserves.

“Leave Here” sees Muse letting his impeccable flow meld seamlessly with producer Boathouse‘s excellent beats. Boathouse, (whose long list of collaborators is as impressive as Muse’s) really brings his best to the song, bringing Muse’s no nonsense delivery the power it deserves.

The track is full of all the confidence you’d expect for Muse as he pointedly make his worth known. “You bet’ not mention no humble & you ain’t gotta say I want what I deserve” he raps early on in the song, giving listeners no room for error. He’s not letting anything get in the way of his success. Even the music video’s stark presentation of Muse’s unfazed strut through the California streets hearkens to assertiveness of “Leave Here”. The track ends with a direct nod to a Denzel Washington quote during an interview with Jaime Foxx, underling the track’s chorus and sentiment: “I’m leaving here with something. I’m from around the way, I’m leaving with something”. It’s a moment of relative leavity, one that comes after nearly two minutes of seriousness.

If there’s a lesson to be learned, it’s don’t underestimate the talents of Matt Muse.

Boathouse and Matt Muse – Photo by Leo Allen
Julian Ramirez
Julian Ramirez
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