Premier: LOTEC’s Driving “Won’t You” From Their First New Album Since 2001!

LOTEC began their existence as Land Of The El Caminos, and remained active through the late '90s and into the aughts. They garnered acclaim for their hard-charging sound, grafting Fanelli's tuneful growl over songs whose percussive natures were often at war with their more tuneful inclinations, resulting in a friction-laden quilt that would wrap you in its layers and not let go until the final notes faded out.

After a hiatus, the core duo of guitarist and singer Dan Fanelli and drummer Ken Wallin resurrected the band's concept under the shortened moniker of LOTEC—which, honestly was how every single person I knew referred to them during their initial run, so it's more a marker of a new chapter than a new band. On Squares—their first album since 2001 (????!!!)—local musician Sean Hulet has joined the group to add his thundering bass to the group's arsenal.

Longtime fans will find few surprises on Squares; the band's sound is classic, and the new LP further sharpens a focus that has long been growing ever stronger throughout the band's career. And Squares serves as an excellent entry point for people brand new to the band's sound or existence; there is a lot to enjoy on this return from LOTEC.

"Won't You" is the second single released from Squares, and we're debuting it today on Third Coast Review. It's a sharp blast, emblematic of the band's sound, and should serve as an excellent introduction to the new phase of LOTEC for you. And if you dig it? Snag the whole album! I don't think you'll regret it.

LOTEC will also celebrate the release of Squares at Phyllis' Musical Inn on Saturday, February 4!

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