Your Chicago Curated Weekend: 3/16 and Beyond

Much of the St. Patrick's Day celebrations happened last weekend, but Friday is actually 3/17 and there are still tons of amazing concerts, markets, and shows of all kinds are happening this weekend.

While it feels like the pandemic is behind us, you still need to be mindful when you go out this weekend and beyond. The winter season has seen a lot of colds, flu, RSV, and of course bouts of COVID. It's better to be safe and wear a mask when you go out to big events. And if you're still a little hesitant to go out, there are many events and things to do from home. So whether you're staying in or going out, keep safe and stay healthy!

Now, let's get on with your Chicago Curated Weekend!


Chicago Psychfest 13 @ The Hideout, 1354 W Wabansia Ave, 8:00PM, 21+
WHAT: Trippy music to expand your mind
SO WHAT: The 13th installment of the psychedelic-focused fest is back with an impressive and intense lineup over two nights at the Hideout. Some of the best local bands will be on hand to astound you with their unique sounds. Friday’s lineup will include a hypnotic collaboration between Tim Kinsella & Jenny Pulse, the astral chamber-folk of Elijah McLaughlin Ensemble, and DJ sets from DJ Psyche Prissy Pie! Saturday Night will see Plastic Crimewave Syndicate performing with Synth Legend Bil Vermette. new band Brain Waiver doing their Kraut-freak jams, and a set from DJ Sister Golden Haze. Both nights will be headlined by Jeff Parker by Tortoise!
NOW WHAT: Tickets are $20 per night or $35 for a two day pass! Go and experience the oddest and most enjoyable sounds Chicago has to offer!


Chicago Tattoo Arts Convention @ Donald E Stephens Convention Center, 5555 N River Rd, Rosemeont, Friday 2:00PM to Midnight, Saturday 11:00AM to Midnight, Sunday 11:00AM to 8:00PM
WHAT: Body art skills on display
SO WHAT: Ever been interested in the world of tattoo art? Well this convention is bringing a huge list of special guests along with tattoo contests, seminars, and plenty of entertainment including tons of amazing live acts including Olde City Sideshow / Reggie Bügmüncher, Verona Fink, and more!
NOW WHAT: Tickets are only available on site and are $25 a day or $50 for the three day pass.

The Neo-Futurists' The Infinite Wrench @ The Neo-Futurist Theater, 5153 N Ashland, Friday and Saturday 10:30pm, Sunday 7:00pm, 16+
WHAT: Quick plays live and online!
SO WHAT: The Neo-Futurists are back ! Their Infinite Wrench is an  ongoing, ever-changing attempt to perform 30 plays in 60 minutes for a live audience. Now it's actually a live audience that will be enjoying the performance in person! With plenty of COVID precautions in place, you'll be able to enjoy the funny, disgusting, profound, terrifying, irreverent, and downright entertaining show with friends! Plan ahead as vaccination cards will be checked and booster will be required to be fully vaccinated.
NOW WHAT: Join the Neo-Futurists this weekend for $10! Head over to their website to see all they have planned now that in-person audiences are a thing again! If you're still a little anxious about going out, The Infinite Wrench Goes Viral will be continuing til February (and possibly beyond) over at their Patreon


Chicago Vintage Festival @ 4325 N Ravenswood Ave, Noon - 7:00pm
WHAT: A wonderful market for all!
SO WHAT: Head over to Chicago Vintage Festival and discover the wares of over 120 vendors sharing vintage finds and handmade items! Plus you can enjoy some delicious food and drinks from a couple of food trucks on hand.
NOW WHAT: It's free!


Stout Fest '23 @ Goose Island Clyborn Brewhouse, 1800 N Clybourn Ave, 10:40am
WHAT: A fest tailor made for lovers of dark brews!
SO WHAT: Stout Fest will be bringing more than 35 breweries to share their most delectable stouts to compete for the best in the lot! It's a perfect event for those wanting to try a dark and heavy beer for this first time or seasoned veterans who already know the pleasure of a stout! It's also one last hurrah for the original Goose Island on Clybourn as they'll be moving to The Salt Shed later this year!
NOW WHAT: Tickets are $70 for this day of heavy pours!

Ibeyi / Kara Jackson / Annahstasia @ Thalia Hall, 1807 South Allport Street, 7:30pm, 17+
WHAT: A beautiful music to end your weekend!
SO WHAT: Ibeyi, the French musical duo made up of twin sisters Lisa-Kaindé Diaz and Naomi Diaz, released their third album Spell 31 last yea. It continued their amazing sound and endlessly complex perceptive on life. This is the perfect opportunity to hear the album and more of their songs live as they are touring with a full band ready to blow your mind. Joining them on this stop will be Kara Jackson and Annahstasia !
NOW WHAT: Tickets are $30-$40 for this wonderful evening!


Weekend Shows @ Lincoln Hall & Schubas, 2424 N Lincoln Ave & 3159 N Southport Ave, various times, 18+
WHAT: A full weekend of amazing shows at Schubas and Lincoln Hall!
SO WHAT: Lincoln Hall and Schubas are some of our favorite venues in the city and they always have something great going on. Check out what's going this weekend at these great venues!

NOW WHAT: Head out to Schubas & Lincoln Hall and enjoy this great lineup of shows!

Back on the Big Screen and Virtual Cinema @ Music Box Theatre, 3733 N Southport Ave and at your home, any time you want to watch a movie
A great way to support a great local theater
SO WHAT: The Music Box Theatre is really to fill that art house need in you with some excellent movies including with Inside, Rodeo, Return to Seoul, Somewhere Part of: Sofia Coppola March Matinees, midnight screenings of Calvaire & Rocky Horror Picture Show & Shrek 2 and more! But if you want to watch some first-run movies at home, you can still watch great movies and support them online! They are currently screening films via their The Music Box Direct series! There are also tons of select titles available on their new platform!
NOW WHAT: Digital subscription is $4.99, in person screenings vary, so sit back and enjoy!

University of Chicago Folk Festival @ Your favorite spot in your home, All Ages
WHAT:A fantastic folk festival
SO WHAT: University of Chicago Folk Festival might have come and gone but their digital presence is still around, making sure the wonderful music reaches as many people as possible! You can check out the past few years of performances on their Facebook page and their YouTube channel any time you want! This past year's performers included Balfa Toujours, Donka & Nikolay Kolev, Juan Rivera, Henry Barnes & Conner Vlietstra, Po' Ramblin' Boys, Jerron Paxton; Tim Britton, John Williams and Katie Grennan!
NOW WHAT: Head over to their Facebook page and their YouTube channel and enjoy the show! We highly encourage you to donate to help support this fantastic folk festival!

New Talks and Video Archives @ Various Locations & Chicago Humanities Festival YouTube channel, your favorite browser or YouTube app, any time you want some inspiration, All Ages
WHAT: Interesting conversations with interesting people!
SO WHAT: Chicago Humanities Festival always brings some of the best ideas to the surface with entertaining programming that captures your imagination. Be on the lookout for updates to the upcoming season as their website is constantly updated with new talks.  Here is a taste of what's coming up!
NOW WHAT: Head over to take a look at their past events here! You should also sign up for their email list to get updates on upcoming talks in 2022

Masque of the Red Coronavirus! @ Black Button Eyes Productions, Any time on your computer or mobile device. For 18+.
WHAT: Written by Black Button Eyes Productions producing artistic director Ed Rutherford, this short satirical piece is available online free as a combined script-and-video experience.
SO WHAT: In addition to reading the play, you will see various Chicago artists act out portions of the script on video, recorded remotely. The event includes puppets, burlesque, original music, fire dancing and more in a brief, darkly comedic confection.
With the Red Coronavirus running rampant across the countryside and a vaccine still months away, what's a Prince to do? Lock himself in a secure bunker in an undisclosed location along with a cohort of his top donors, of course. To prevent him and his rich supporters from becoming bored, the Prince has also brought a few artists into the bunker to entertain the crowd. But as the hour grows later and the night grows weirder, it's clear that something else has also invaded the party.
NOW WHAT: Settle down for an evening of magical weirdness. Click here and begin reading and watching the videos

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