Poem: Taylor Knows

June Sawyers wrote this poem—as a way to record her experience—on a walk over to Soldier Field this weekend during the Taylor Swift The Eras Tour.

Taylor knows
your secrets
your vulnerabilities
your hopes and dreams.
She’s your confidante,
your best friend.
She’s there for you
when nobody else is
singing confessional tales and
sharing diary-like stories
chasing Joni but still being herself.
She whispers in your ear.
She makes eye contact
from the stage.
She speaks to you, one among many
Oh, Taylor knows.

From my balcony
I hear the faint roar of the crowd
the community of
short sparkly dresses and sneakers
cowboy hats and boots
transparent tote bags full of merch.
In my mind I can even hear her voice
as she turns football stadiums into female-friendly
zones. But it’s probably my imagination.

On a chilly Sunday night,
the ticketless gather
outside Soldier Field singing along
under a full yellow moon. Approaching
the midnight dark
the Willis Tower antenna lights
shine in colors of
green and teal,
purple and gold,
red and pink
guiding everyone to a safe haven
on their way home.

All photos by June Sawyers.

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June Sawyers
June Sawyers

June Sawyers has published more than 25 books. Her work has appeared in the Chicago Tribune, New City, San Francisco Chronicle, and Stagebill. She teaches at the Newberry Library and is the founder of the arts group, the Phantom Collective.