Who We’re Excited to See at Pitchfork Music Festival 2023!

You know your in for a treat when the Pitchfork Music Festival makes its way back to Union Park. You'll get the chance to see some of the best acts going today with a nice highlight of local acts, diverse sounds and just an overall fantastic lineup. But with 42 bands/artist/performers plus all the other things going in Union Park, you're going to need to make so decisions on who to see July 21-23!

It must be said, all the acts on the lineup are absolutely worth experiencing this weekend. Each one offer something genuinely uniwue and exciting to see and hear. Since time isn't as malleable as all the multiverse centered films in the ether would have you believe, you have to go into the weekend with a solid plan to get the most of your Pitchfork Music Festival. Luckily we're here with some suggestions of what stages to be at this weekend to make it a little easier to navigate through this great lineup! Take a look at our picks and get ready for one of our favorite festivals of the year!

Tickets for the festival are still available! Single day passes are $115 and three-day passes $249 plus fees. You can check out the full lineup and schedule at their website and get ready for one of the better festivals of the summer!


Sen Morimoto on the Green Stage at 2:30pm
Sen Morimoto is a Chicago staple that you need to see early on Friday. He experiments with every facet of his sound, blending jazzy elements with bedroom pop dalliances while maintaining engaging R&B grooves and find little spots to surprise you with something new. Add to that his tender and engaging vocals, and you have a great reason to get to the festival as early as you can. Every one of his albums is an incredible journey that translates beautifully live.
- Julian Ramirez

Youth Lagoon on the Green stage at 4:15pm
After an 8 year hiatus on releasing new music, Youth Lagoon have released their latest album Heaven Is a Junkyard. Their new comeback paired with their acclaimed debut The Year of Hibernation is sure to make for an incredible set this Friday with their chill and dreamy soundscapes.
- Andrew Lagunas

Nation of Language on the Red stage at 5:15pm
Are you looking for a fresh band reminiscent of artists such as Tears For Fears? Make sure you make it to the Red stage on Friday to catch Nation of Language. They have concocted music that encapsulates the 80s so organically you’d think they’ve time traveled back from that generation.  
- Andrew Lagunas

Alvvays on the Red stage at 7:25pm
At this point, Alvvays are an indie music staple. Their jovial approach to their sound will have you feeling good and loving life. You do not want to miss their set this Friday evening as they have been touring and promoting their latest album Blue Rev quite extensively now. The band produces remarkable tunes that I am very excited to hear come to life! 
- Andrew Lagunas


Black Belt Eagle Scout on the Blue stage at 2:45pm
Be sure to arrive early on Saturday to catch the up and coming singer and songwriter Black Belt Eagle Scout. Fronted by Katherine Paul, her native culture and roots shine through her music, which she flawlessly translates in her phenomenally piercing alternative rock sounds. I am a new fan of hers and I am ecstatic to catch her set! 
- Andrew Lagunas

MJ Lenderman on the Red Stage at 3:20pm
On a day full of fantastic guitarists, MJ Lenderman may take the cake. He's completely enthralling on stage and will certainly be churning out some of the catchiest riffs you'll see all weekend. Check out his latest full length Boat Songs for a taste of what you'll by rocking out to during this midday set. Whether it's his take on another MJ's iconic flu game ("Hangover Game", you already know where this song is going) or just waxing poetic on the woes of growing old ("TLC Cagematch" which isn't just about wrestling), Lenderman will be a highlight of the weekend.
- Julian Ramirez

Snail Mail on the Red stage at 5:15pm
Pitchfork really went all out this year with their bigger names and Snail Mail is not excluded from this statement. The solo indie-rock project of singer songwriter Lindsey Jordan; she has an impressive discography perfect for this festival setting. With her perfectly soft vocals and catchy tunes, Snail Mail is sure to uplift Union Park on Saturday; the perfect set to transition into the evening!
- Andrew Lagunas

King Krule on the Green stage at 6:15pm
King Krule is embarking on a huge tour in support of his new album Space Heavy and Pitchfork is lucky enough to be his second stop on the tour! Archy Marshall never fails to amaze fans with his work; as Space Heavy is already taking over some of those top spots on his Spotify profile. His emotion-filled quaint vocals are an acquired taste that pair beautifully with his out of the ordinary instrumentation. Catch his 4th studio album come to life on the Green stage Saturday evening! 
- Andrew Lagunas


Jockstrap on the Red stage at 3:20pm
Jockstrap are an unconventional English duo consisting of Georgia Ellery and Taylor Skye. Their experimental pop follows its own rules with every song turning corners and not knowing what to expect next. Their debut album I Love You Jennifer B received high critical acclaim from Pitchfork, so this is a set you won’t want to miss. If you can’t make it to the fest, you can also catch their aftershow at Lincoln Hall on Saturday night as well!
- Andrew Lagunas

JPEGMafia on the Green Stage at 4:15pm
There aren't many set that will be as intense and energetic as JPEGMafia's, which lands right in the middle of Sundays lineup. The man's no stranger to the Pitchfork Stages and his last appearance was full of his bombastic flow, jumping into the crowd for a little surfing, and maybe a little moshing. I would say expect the same but as the intro to many of his songs (and the entrance music to certain era of WWE Superstar Edge) says: "You think you know me?". So, expect the unexpected.
- Julian Ramirez

Mdou Moctar on the Blue Stage at 7:45pm
I had the opportunity to see Mdou Moctar perform at Thalia Hall last year and it was truly a transcendent experience. Everyone in the band is operating on a completely different level than most musicians, jamming out these hypnotizing and exciting guitar focused songs with an insane amount of skill. I think they're the perfect band to cap off the Blue stage, by taking the crowd away with an otherworldly experience.
- Julian Ramirez

Tickets for the festival are still available! Single day passes are $115 and three-day passes $249 plus fees. You can check out the full lineup and schedule at their website and get ready for one of the better festivals of the summer!

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