Preview: Uniflora Brings the Heat with “Hellgirl” Before Their Show at Metro

The Chicago music scene is just overflowing with treasures. With every passing year, new, more and more outright amazing bands come out of our city. Sometimes it can be overwhelming to focus with so many fascinating bands delivering great music, especially at such a young age. One such band is Uniflora.

The three piece of Quinn Dugan (vocals/guitar), Theo Williams (bass) and Ruby O’Brien (drums) has been dealing in songs steeped in post rock/punk grooves for just a bit over a year. Between their debut demo EP Francium and their followup Plastic Sturgeon (if you haven't listened to it yet, I HIGHLY recommend you do), Uniflora have been honing their talents and delivering some incredible songs. Their recently released "Hellgirl" stands as another great example of their sound.

Raw and hypnotic soundscapes are at the helm of "Hellgirl". Williams' bass and O'Brien's drums lay the groundwork for Dugan's guitar and stoic voice to break in. Together they create this heaviness that washes over you as Dugan sings "Oh what the hell girl" before a barrage of bordering-on-cryptic lyrics surge from him, painting strange imagery throughout. The lines nestled tightly between the instrumentals, revealing themselves with a bit of eerie clarity. Lines like "your hounds are at the door" and later on "now you're in the fireplace, get out of there" are highlighted by Dugan's perfect post-rock cadence, falling somewhere between urgency and being completely over this girl "running down my house and scaring me with falsified accounts". It's exactly the vibes the song needs and will be stuck spinning around your head in no time.

You can listen to "Hellgirl" on your favorite streaming and purchasing platforms. Uniflora will be performing this weekend, 2/23, at Metro alongside fellow local bands Pinksqueeze and Sharp Pins. Tickets are $15 in advance and $20 at the door. Doors open at 7pm.

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Julian Ramirez