Talk of the Town: An Eclipse Poem

Everyone looked up 
On Michigan Avenue
On balconies and rooftops
By the Adler
We all looked up.

We all felt giddy
Grateful even for this moment
People waved their solar glasses at each other
As if we were all members of the same tribe
Strangers talked to strangers at the crosswalk
I haven’t seen so many smiling people on the street
Since Taylor Swift came to town.

At the Printers Row Wine Shop, 
Mason popped his head out 
“Did you see it?” I asked
He did and gave me a broad smile.
Colleen shut down Sandmeyer’s Bookstore
For a few minutes so she could look up 
And Alfred did planks outside Kasey’s Tavern
That lasted almost a full two minutes. 
Because why not?

As I walked up Dearborn running my usual Monday errands
I paused at every block and took out my solar glasses
To see the progression of the moon
As it moved slowly across the face of the sun.
It only lasted an hour or so but it was worth 
Every minute. 

Picture of the author
June Sawyers

June Sawyers has published more than 25 books. Her work has appeared in the Chicago Tribune, New City, San Francisco Chronicle, and Stagebill. She teaches at the Newberry Library and is the founder of the arts group, the Phantom Collective.