Preview: LudoNarraCon brings Immersive Indie Narrative Games to the Forefront in This Weekend’s Festival

It's con and festival season and while some fests require proper attire, accommodations, and a good amount of water so you don't pass out, others simply require you to kick off your socks, grab your cozy blankets, and fire up your gaming PC for some truly amazing works of art.

We've been covering LudoNarraCon since the pre-Covid days, and this virtual convention showcases video games as the true art form that they are. Every genre of game is represented amidst the 53 different official selections, and subject matter ranges from medieval fantasy to creation myths, pantheons and more. There are musicals, visual novels and just about everything else under the sun you can dream up, with one common thread: an immersive narrative that drives the action.

What's unique and wonderful about video games as an art form is that rather than being simply being subjected to the story and its characters while you sit idly in front of a screen, video games take you into the action and force you to make the types of high stakes choices that the heroes and villains of the silver screen must make in any adventure they undertake. Underpinned by fantastic mechanics, games like Journey or A Tale of Two Brothers have been able to profoundly affect me as a person on a fundamental level in a way that nothing else has yet to touch.

But it's not all demos and announcements - it's also about access. LudoNarraCon allows for gamers to learn about these games as they're being developed (in some cases) and to talk with developers about their process. It's also a great chance for storytellers using any medium to discuss what makes a story great and affecting. What's more, since it's a virtual international con, it's a unique opportunity to find out more about storytelling in every culture.

Whether you're a "hard core gamer" or have never really even accessed Steam, where the festival's being hosted, we encourage you to expand your horizons and attend this virtual convention to find new stories to capture your imagination, and interface with creators to expand your mind.

Click here to access the main page for LudoNarraCon, and we'll keep you posted as the festival continues through the 13th.

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Marielle Bokor