Riot Fest Announces Departure from Douglass Park, Making a New Home at RiotLand in Bridgeview

Change is nothing new to Riot Fest. Starting off as a multi-venue festival before calling Humboldt Park home for a few years, then migrating to Douglass Park, the festival is always ready for a new start. Unfortunately some of those new starts have been pushed on them and this latest move seems as contentious as ever.

In a quick video statement, Riot Fest founder Mike Petrynshyn made it clear that the move away from Douglass Park was due to a decision made by the Chicago Park District that made the festival want to relocate, noting support from Alderwoman Monique Scott to keep them at the park . Alderwoman Scott addressed this herself with a statement citing the unclear practices from the Chicago Park District. The Chicago Park District responded by saying that approval for the fest in Douglass Park had not been withdrawn and was still pending.

At this point, there's nowhere to look but forward as Riot Fest announced today the opening of RiotLand, The festival is moving slightly outside the city to SeatGeek Stadium in Bridgeview. So while public transportation to the festival is going to be a little more involved than previous incarnations, there will be plenty of parking. It's definitely sad to see this Chicago festival forced just outside city limits, but it seems to be keeping in line with the usual Riot Fest vibe. Despite tthe move, Riot Fest will continue to support the Douglass Park neighborhood "with a local artist selected to play the fest, an on-site internship program building on last year, local hiring, and sponsorship of Juneteenth Village Fest and Boxing Out Negativity Juneteenth celebrations this weekend, and much more to be announced soon, for events stretching into the fall."

In addition to the venue change Riot Fest announced the lineup for this year's festival and in Riot Fest tradition, it's great! Headliners this year include Fallout Boy on Friday, Beck on Saturday, and Slayer capping off the weekend on Sunday. NOFX will also be playing all three days, giving the fest some of their A Final Farewell. The rest of the lineup is filled with incredible acts like Pavement, St. Vincent, Public Enemy, Spoon, Cypress Hill and tons more. Of course it wouldn't be Riot Fest with out a contingent of local acts like Beach Bunny and Pixel Grip on the lineup.

The RiotLand grounds will also be home to an immersive "Choose Your Own Adventure" world filled with a huge variety of attractions including the Q101 Radio Tower; House of Law: Courthouse by day, gay punk and dance club by night; Kevin Smith Tribute Zones "The Quick Stop" from Clerks and "Cretin Prairie Center" An area inspired by the film Mallrats; a casino (seriously), the World’s Largest Festival Bar (also seriously?), Butter Stamos, and Nihilist Arby's because that just makes sense. Let's hope the new location is able to contain all the fun of Riot Fest.

You can check out the full lineup below or at their website! Tickets are on sale now! Three -day passes start at $249.98 and two-day passes start at 189.99. Premium parking passes are $50 a day or $150 for all three days while stardard parking is $39/$120.

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