Local Movie Theater Owners Develop ‘Drive-Ins Near Me’ Website, Launch with Prize Giveaway

The Midway Drive-In of Sterling, Ill., one of 12 permanently constructed movie drive-ins in Illinois, and its owners/operators, Mike and Mia Kerz, recognize that their business is part of a beloved American tradition that is still thriving today.

To preserve the drive-in moviegoing experience, the United Theatre Owners Association and Mobile Moviegoing have joined forces to create the definitive drive-In theatre website, ‘Drive-Ins Near Me’, which unites the nearly 300 drive-In theaters across the globe, with Chicagoans Mike and Mia Kerz playing a key part in the development of the venture.

The state-of-the-art site features a search function, allowing moviegoers to locate a drive-in theater near them, connect with with drive-In theatre owners and fellow drive-In fans, as well as keep up to date on the latest drive-In theater news.

While drive-Ins have a nostalgic history, they surged into the 21st century, thanks in large part to the recent pandemic, which allowed larger crowds to watch films in these open-air venues. Combined with modern technology, including bright digital projection and stereo sound, some of the largest screens in the country, and a concession experience that typically outdoes snacks available in an indoor multiplex, the drive-Ins experienced a business boom like few others when other movie theaters were shut down or running at limited capacity.

To celebrate the July movie blockbuster release line-up, ‘Drive-Ins Near Me’ is hosting a special prize giveaway, featuring movie-themed hats, T-shirts, popcorn carriers, and more. To be eligible, visit the site and sign up to receive their latest news via email.

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