James Orbesen

James Orbesen

James Orbesen is a writer and professor living in Chicago. His first book on the comics of Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely is forthcoming from Sequart. His writing has appeared in The Atlantic, Guernica, Salon, Jacobin, Chicago Review of Books, PopMatters, TriQuarterly, and elsewhere.

Title 13: Good Game Plan, Faulty Execution

Title 13, the debut novel of Michael A. Ferro, has all the trappings of an engaging conspiracy thriller. There are secret internal documents regarding the personal information of US citizens, gathered facetiously by the Chicago Regional Census Center, leaked or…

Book Review: Jack Pendarvis’ Movie Stars

Author, former columnist, and story editor for the exceptional (and long running) animated series Adventure Time, Jack Pendarvis, has a gift for blunt, ironic, and forceful language. This is on full display in his latest collection of short fiction: Movie…

826CHI Debuts The Monster Gasped, OMG!

Among the many treasures one could stumble across at this past weekend’s Printer’s Row Lit Fest, one of the finest, and most polyphonic, comes from 826CHI, a literacy and education nonprofit that engages with students across the city through workshops,…

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