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Sam Kayuha

Review: Lala Lala Steps Out at Empty Bottle

Friday Night at the Empty Bottle seemed like the destined moment for Lala Lala’s underground buzz to overflow. It had been hedging that way for years–since 2014 when the droning, smirking first single “Fuck with your Friends” was released. Last…

Review: Rolling Blackouts at Lincoln Hall

Rolling Blackouts Costal Fever ran through a rollicking set to a sold-out  Lincoln Hall crowd which bounced along. The Australians are touring on the back of their debut full-length “Hope Dreams,” released earlier this summer. It has drummed up hype…

Review: Haley Heynderickx Breathes Fresh Air

Since the Greenwich Village folkies put the aesthetics of beat literature to music in the early ‘60s, a cavalcade of singer-songwriter successors has followed. Stylistically, little has changed. Limiting oneself to guitar and voice challenges as much as it rewards, which…

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