“Is It Still Funny? with Marc Caro” @ The Music Box

Events > 2016 > April > "Is It Still Funny? with Marc Caro" @ The Music Box

About this event:

Created by Zach Blumenfeld

3733 N. Southport Ave.
WHAT: Marc Caro of the Chicago Tribune is hosting a special series at The Music Box that will help you differentiate whether many a classic comedy can still be deemed “funny” or – let’s be honest – merely quaint and laden with pity. Screenings of Animal House, Blazing Saddles, Duck Soup, and There’s Something About Mary will follow conversations with Caro that should be nothing short of insightful. Or isolating, if you’re on the wrong side of the consensus.
SO WHAT: Caro has been writing about arts and entertainment for the Tribune for over 20 years, and the guy knows his shit. Smart, funny, and with a resume that includes a book on foie gras and chatting with Woody Allen, he is, to quote the Rolling Stones, like a rainbow. But he’s, like, a rainbow of cultural knowledge, in this case, and any opportunity to hit that up is an opportunity you should be hitting up. And yes, now is the time to finally figure out whether Blazing Saddles is “funny” or flat out offensive.
NOW WHAT: General admission tickets are $12, and yeah, I get that you may own the DVD of There’s Something About Mary, but you also paid $17 for an Uber last weekend, so this is totally worth the price.


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