Community Mural Paint Day @ Logan Square Dog Park

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About this event:

Created by Nancy S Bishop

2529 W. Logan Blvd.

WHAT: Join a community of artists and AnySquared, ABC and Renegades of Funk to paint colossal dogs (some 20 feet tall) on the dog park walls to make the Logan Square Dog Park Mural. Organized by AnySquared, ABC (Artistic Bombing Crew)/Renegades of Funk with the help of CMW (Chicago Mural Works), XMEN and Kuumba Lynx.

SO WHAT: The west to east side of the mural will be changed into a cityscape with the Logan Square Eagle at the center. Many smaller dogs will frolic in the foreground. Brightly colored paws, fire hydrants, bones, balls, bowls and more will be painted on the tall columns and background from stenciled patterns.

“We plan on putting as many dogs as we can on the wall! Maybe a world record of the most dogs on any mural,” says lead artist Flash of ABC (Artistic Bombing Crew) and Renegades of Funk.

NOW WHAT:   Artists and nonartists of all ages are welcome to help. Wear paint clothes. Donate acrylic or water-based house paint in brightr reds,yellows, blues, greens, purples and oranges.

They also need volunteers to help set up and clean up. Email if you’d like to help.


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