No Pants Subway Ride on CTA Trains

Events > 2018 > January > No Pants Subway Ride on CTA Trains

About this event:

Created by Nancy Bishop

All CTA stations.

WHAT: The annual no-pants subway ride. Wear your favorite pair of knickers–boxers, briefs, bikinis–then bundle up with heavy coat, scarf, earmuffs, hat and mittens. Don’t forget the boots and heavy socks. (Make sure your underwear covers everything that should be covered!)

NOW WHAT:  The idea is simple. Passengers board a subway car at different stops on Sunday, January 7, sans pantalones. Participants act as if they don’t know each other–the deadpan expression is essential to the success of the mission. There’s also the special Red Line no-pants ride. The hours for the Red Line ride are 12-3:30pm. There may be a special station entry point; watch the Facebook page for details.

SO WHAT: No pants? No problem. All you need is a Ventra card.  You might want to carry a bag to put your pants in before you enter the CTA station.


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