Salonathon: To Keep Moving Forward @ Beauty Bar

Events > 2018 > January > Salonathon: To Keep Moving Forward @ Beauty Bar

About this event:

Created by Julian Ramirez

1444 W. Chicago Ave.

WHAT: A weekly show of experimental work featuring an inclusive creative community throwing  a great party!

SO WHAT: The theme of this week’s Salonathon is take from a quote from Martin Luther King, evoking his radical honesty and strength of spirit bring clarity in a time of ending (this will be Bindu Porooi’s last solo night!). Feel the love with this line up of fantastic Chicago artists performing some underground, emerging, and genre-defying art and stick around for a fun community with jams provided by DJ All The Way Kay. You can check out the lineup of artists at their event page!

NOW WHAT: You can RSVP here for the 8-9pm hosted bar!


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