“Space Arcade”: A Very Unofficial Rick and Morty Themed Pop Up @ Replay Arcade

Events > 2018 > January > "Space Arcade": A Very Unofficial Rick and Morty Themed Pop Up @ Replay Arcade

About this event:

Created by Julian Ramirez

2833 N Sheffield Ave, Chicago, IL 60657, USA

WHAT: Are you tired of the same daily droll? Well get on over to the similar but had to be redacted so it’s different and incredibly unofficial “Space Arcade”! They got, uh, one game…they got a whole bunch of games! Get over here! You can shoot things! Get over here! Play the games! Get over here! It’s the coolest place in the world! Hahahaha! I get to be in the Calendar post!

SO WHAT: Play games, trade in tickets for prizes, do some karaoke, Rick and Morty Trivia, and so much more at “Space Arcade”! You can also enjoy drinks like Rickhattan (I turned myself into a cocktail, Morty! Boom! Big Reveal! I’m a cocktail! What do you think about that? Turned myself into a cocktail! I’m Cocktail Rick!) which is served in a special flask that you can take home, the Salty Cucumber Richard (a pickle-infused shot served in a hollowed out pickle), Morty’s Mind Blowing Margarita, and Replay’s very own 7.5% ABV “We Definitely Didn’t Get A Cease And Desist Schwifty” Ale.

NOW WHAT: Get over here and enjoy unofficial/unaffiliated/not sponsored fun at the opening weekend of this Rick and Morty “Space Arcade” themed pop up!


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