Digital Detox Launch Party @ Catalyst Ranch

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About this event:

Created by Nancy Bishop

656 W. Randolph, Suite 3W,

WHAT: The Digital Detox launch party will help you get ready for the National Day of Unplugging March 8-9.

SO WHAT: The National Day of Unplugging will start at sundown on Friday, March 8, and end at sundown Saturday, March 9. This week’s launch party will feature workshops and meditation, a giant coloring wall, massage chairs, live music and interactive art to explore, and the night will help you make plans for how to spend your own National Day of Unplugging or host an event for others at home or at work.  The event is sponsored by the Reboot Group. 

NOW WHAT: Tickets are $10 in advance; $15 at the door. See our preview.


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