Sketchy Discussions #3: Paper Girls @ Bucket O’Blood Books & Records

Events > 2018 > June > Sketchy Discussions #3: Paper Girls @ Bucket O'Blood Books & Records

About this event:

Created by Julian Ramirez

3182 N Elston Ave, Chicago, IL 60618, USA

WHAT: Sketchy Discussions round 3: A chance to talk about comic in a cool store

SO WHAT: Bucket O’Blood Books & Records will be meeting to discuss volume 1 of Paper Girls, a series by Brian K Vaughn and Cliff Chang! The story tells of four 12-year-old newspaper delivery girls in 1988 who uncover the most important story of all time. Take some suburban drama, mix in some otherworldly mysteries and you have an excellent story on nostalgia, first jobs, and the last days of childhood.

NOW WHAT: There is no cost to attend. Attendees are encouraged to bring snacks/drinks to share with the group.


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