The Girl Talk: 1968 Edition @ The Hideout

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About this event:

Created by Nancy Bishop

1354 W Wabansia

WHAT: Join the Girl Talk Chicago crew as they record their podcast about events of August 1968 when the streets of Chicago were packed with protesters demonstrating outside of the Democratic National Convention, demanding an end to the Vietnam war and civil rights and equality for African American

SO WHAT:  The hosts will be talking with two women who were in the middle of it all: Mary Scott-Boria, a former member of the Black Panther Party, and Susan Klonsky, a former member of Students for a Democratic Society, the nation’s largest student-led anti-war organization.  They will shed some light on the lessons from 50 years ago for today’s resistance movement. Girl Talk is a monthly show at The Hideout featuring powerful and influential Chicago women. Each month, they tackle an issue facing our city, state and country and learn from the women working to make things better. Hosts and producers are Erika Wozniak FrancisJen Sabella and Joanna Klonsky.

NOW WHAT: Tickets are $10. 21+.


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