Red Bull Music Festival Chicago: Drone Activity @ Saffron Rails

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About this event:

Created by Julian Ramirez

1365 N Cherry Ave, Chicago, IL 60642, USA

WHAT: Red Bull returns to Chicago with another month long celebration of music.

SO WHAT: Red Bull Music Festival Chicago is the latest installment of Red Bull’s critically acclaimed international music series. This month-long lineup of expertly curated original programming spanning the city’s diverse music genres, exploring and celebrating Chicago’s rich cultural heritage while spotlighting its modern music landscape.

Drone Activity Chicago is a three-stage night featuring the most progressive artists working in noise, drone and experimental music. This concert is for those who want to feel the music rattle every molecule as score eerie, dynamic light shows burst out. Headlined by Sunn O)))’s Stephen O’Malley and revered Japanese noise musician Merzbow, the event will also showcase Chicago’s most extreme independent artists. including Negative Scanner’s Rebecca Valeriano-Flores, Olivia Block, Thoom, ONO,TALsounds, Quicksails, Bruce Lamont, Matchess, Carol Genetti, HOGG, Rebecca Valeriano-Flores, Fire-Toolz, and Katherine Young!

NOW WHAT: Tickets are $10 for this sure to be amazing experience!


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