How American Corporations Taught Us to Love Spam and Jello @ Quimby’s Bookstore

Events > 2019 > March > How American Corporations Taught Us to Love Spam and Jello @ Quimby's Bookstore

About this event:

Created by Nancy S Bishop

1854 W North Ave

WHAT: Author Christina Ward presents a thrillingly gruesome slideshow and talk about 20th century American food and how we came to eat Spam and Jello…and bananas because of corporate greed and advertising.

SO WHAT:  Ward’s new book American Advertising Cookbooks-How Corporations Taught Us to Love Spam®, Bananas, and Jell-O®, connects cultural, social and geopolitical events to our food history. Her book (published by Process Media, a Feral House imprint) is deeply researched and entertaining. Ward, a Milwaukeean, is a featured contributor to Serious Eats, Edible Milwaukee, the Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel, Remedy Quarterly, and Edible magazines. Despite her klutziness, she is often found in classrooms and community kitchens with sharp knives, spilling vinegar into unsuspecting handbags while wildly gesticulating as she teaches folks how to make perfect pickles.
NOW WHAT: Free. Here’s the Facebook invite for this event! And yes, there will be snacks.


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