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About this event:

Created by Nancy Bishop

626 Church St., Evanston

WHAT: The Phantom Collective will present an Equity staged reading with music of Last Thoughts of Mary Stuart, written by June Sawyers and directed by Karin McKie.  Last Thoughts of Mary Stuart is a dramatic reading about the final hours before Mary, Queen of Scots, was executed in 1587 at age 44. The reading will be preceded by a concert of music associated with or about Mary. The event will run about 90 minutes without intermission.

SO WHAT:  Mary Stuart has long been a topic of fascination, most recently in Mary, Queen of Scots, the 2018 biopic starring Saoirse Ronan as Mary and Margot Robbie as Elizabeth. Last Thoughts of Mary Stuart explores the final hours of Mary, Queen of Scots, before her execution at Fotheringay Castle, England, on February 8, 1587. After 19 years of imprisonment in various castles and manor houses throughout England for conspiring to assassinate the Protestant Elizabeth I, the Catholic Mary is suddenly told the night before she will face the chopping block the next morning. With her four loyal ladies in waiting––the famous Four Marys of legend who serve as a Greek chorus––and as the hours tick away, Mary looks back at her life as a monarch and as a woman living in a world dominated by powerful men. Was she a conniving villain, as some have portrayed her, or a victim of the sexist times in which she lived? Amy Montgomery will read as Mary, Queen of Scots, with Erica Bittner, Kathy Cowan, Justine Serino and Melissa Van Kersen as the Four Marys. Tim McDonald will play fiddle with vocals by Andrew Calhoun. Bittner also will sing “Fotheringay” about Mary’s last hours.
Inspired by pub theater, the Phantom Collective is a grassroots group that sponsors theater and music programs around Chicagoland, mostly but not exclusively from the North American and Anglo-Celtic-Nordic traditions.

NOW WHAT: The event is free but a donation of $15 at the door is suggested.


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