Olden Yolk / Bill Mackay / Matchess@ Hideout

Events > 2019 > May > Olden Yolk / Bill Mackay / Matchess@ Hideout

About this event:

Created by Julian Ramirez

1354 W Wabansia Ave, Chicago, IL 60642, USA

Olden Yolk by John Andrews

WHAT: A trio of bands you really need to see and hear!

SO WHAT: Olden Yolk is themusical project of songwriters Shane Butler and Caity Shaffer. The pair have come together to create some of the most inviting and wonderfully strange folk music you’ll ever hear. There are instances of experimentation throughout their latest album Living Theatre that mix in elements of psychedelia and the avant garde into their lovely songs that leave you needing to hear more.  Joining them will be the wonderfully hallucinogenic folk songs of Bill Mackay and the psychedelic soundscapes of Matchess!

NOW WHAT: Tickets are only $10 for this evening’s show!


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