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About this event:

Created by Nancy S Bishop

2442 N. Clark Street, second floor

Bloomsday Chicago 2018.

WHAT: In the relaxed setting of an authentic Irish pub, Bloomsday in Chicago, sponsored by Puddin’head Press and hosted by playwright Jeff Helgeson, presents a series of readings from James Joyce’s Ulysses by poets, authors, actors, and the occasional Ph.D. in literature. Readings wioll be followed by an Irish music session downstairs at 8pm.

SO WHAT: Bloomsday is the day on which Joyce’s novel Ulysses takes place in 1904, the date of Joyce’s first outing with his wife-to-be, Nora Barnacle; it’s named after Joyce’s protagonist Leopold Bloom. Regular commemorations of Bloomsday began on its 100th anniversary in 2004. Other participants will include Rory Barton, Gary Brichetto, Barbara Button as Molly Bloom, singer Nora Byrd, Dan Cleary, Samuel Du Bois, Mary Emmerick, Lynn Fitzgerald, Dave Gecic, Mick Greco, Elizabeth Harper, Rory Jobst, Wayne Allen Jones, Robert Lawrence, McKenna Liesman, Count Leonard de Montbrun, Jerry Pendergast, Hugh Schwartzberg and Steve Seddon.
Ulysses was banned in the United States and many other countries, including Ireland, when it was first published in 1922 by a French publisher. It was finally permitted to be published in the U.S. in 1933 after a U.S. District Corut declared it was not obscene, affirming the right to literary free expression. In 1998, Ulysses was selected by The Modern Library as the best novel of the 20th century.
NOW WHAT: Suggested donation of $7 at the door (in honor of Leopold and Molly Bloom’s home at Number 7 Eccles Street, Dublin).


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