Mulholland Drive @ Music Box Theater

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About this event:

Created by Julian Ramirez

3733 N Southport Ave, Chicago, IL 60613, USA

WHAT: One of David Lynch’s most palatable and indecipherable films

SO WHAT: Ok, so it may not be the most indecipherable, but Mulholland Drive really ranks high in David Lynch’s oeuvre. It’s a wild fever dream birthed from a failed television pilot that is forever being talked about. From the list of “clue” Lynch doled out in DVDs to the frightening imagery that will haunt your dreams, Mulholland Drive is a film that deserved to be seen on the big screen. This special matinee will feature a special custom Lynchian pre-show from Daniel Knox!

NOW WHAT: Tickets are $8 for these shows! If you’re afraid of pale cowboys and magical trash monsters, be wary!


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