Black Pumas & Los Coast @ Evanston SPACE

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About this event:

Created by Julian Ramirez

1245 Chicago Ave, Evanston, IL 60202, USA

WHAT: A pair of bands bringing retro sounds to the future in an incredibly unique way!

SO WHAT: Black Pumas are the duo of Adrian Quesada & Eric Burton. The pair are making some incredibly soul throwbacks as if they were made today, implementing a style an attitude that is irresistible with every passing listen. they’re touring in support of their self titled debut that brings their energy together in ten fantastic songs.  Joining them will be Los Coast, which included founder by Trey Pivott and John Courtney, Megan Hartman on bass, Damian Llanes on drums and Natalie Write on keys. They will bring their amalgamation of psychedelic pop lined with irresistible funk-grooves and catchy hooks. Their debut album Samsara is an intricate collection of songs full of fantastic lyrical twists

NOW WHAT: Tickets are $15 for this fun night in SPACE!


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