Whitney & Friends @ Thalia Hall

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About this event:

Created by Julian Ramirez

1807 S Allport St, Chicago, IL 60608, USA

WHAT: Only Chicago’s loveliest band playing in one of our favorite venues in the city

SO WHAT: Seriously, if you aren’t already enamored with Whitney you need to fix that. The band has made two of the best albums to come out of Chicago, Light upon the Lake and this year’s Forever Turned Around, and have been tearing up concerts with their lovely tunes for years. Elements of country balladry mixed with joyous dad rock aesthetics make for something truly beautiful when these boys come together. Seriously if you haven’t seen them live, nows the time to do it! (pretty much my favorite time to see a band perform is right after their second album, so go!)

NOW WHAT: Tickets are pretty much sold out. Well, except a few for the first and second day of this FIVE day stint at Thalia Hall. Tickets are $34 for the Wednesday 12/4 show with Akenya & $30 for the Thursday 12/5 show with the Hecks. And there is an ominous SOON listing on Thalia Hall’s website for the Sunday show with Hoops… so keep an eye out!


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