Eric Klinenberg on Distance and Solidarity @ Chicago Humanities Festival

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About this event:

Created by Nancy Bishop

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Klinenberg at PopTech 2013. Image courtesy PopTech.

WHAT: Author Eric Klinenberg will talk about how the coronavirus is upending all our social relations, from how we work, how we interact with everyone in the outside world and how we maintain personal relationships. The Field Foundation’s Lolly Bowean will join him in this livestreamed conversation, followed by a live Q&A.

SO WHAT: NYU sociologist Klinenberg is uniquely prepared to help us navigate these transformations, having written about previous crises in Chicago (Heat Wave), cultural trends towards living alone (Going Solo) and the significance of public space (Palaces for the People). The discussion will address social solidarity, our collective responsibility to care for communities. They will ask whether this pandemic might bring us all closer together.

NOW WHAT: The event is free but CHF will appreciate your purchase of a pay-what-you-can ticket as a donation to their work. You’ll receive the livestream link to YouTubeLive before the program. Register here.


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