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“On the Air” @ Van’s Channel 66

Van's Channel 66 (streamig)

WHAT: A mix of community radio and public access TV for the pandemic/internet age! SO WHAT: Channel 66 is a continuation of "Vans’ commitment to support artists and creatives while also uplifting communities during such an unprecedented time."  Streaming live from around North America (The General in Brooklyn, NY, House of Vans Chicago, Mexico City, and Vans DTLA), Channel 66 offers up some interesting and culturally diverse programming. With DJ sets, curated radio shows, talks, workshops, and more, Channel 66 is the perfect place for entertaining programming. NOW WHAT: You can check out the rest of their schedule over on…


The Bad Plus & Greg Ward’s Rogue Parade @ Chicago Symphony Orchestra

Chicago Symphony Orchestra 220 S Michigan Ave, Chicago

The Bad Plus & Greg Ward’s Rogue Parade @ Chicago Symphony Orchestra, 220 S Michigan Ave,  8:00pm WHAT: Jazz for the modern age SO WHAT: The Bad Plus has been making incredible music for over two decades, taking jazz to interesting places with a mix of original works and impressive covers. Reid Anderson and David King have brought Ben Monder and Chris Speed to the group and are set to record a new album in September! This evening will also feature saxophonist and Chicago stalwart Greg Ward with his two-guitar outfit Rogue Parade! NOW WHAT: Tickets start at $25 and…

$25 – $99
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