Review: Aeropress Go: Our Favorite Coffeemaker Goes Portable

We love the Aeropress. I personally use it multiple times a day to make coffee. It’s convenient, durable, and makes a great cup of coffee. When we travel, we even […]

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Trump Delivers ‘Greatest Hits’ Speech to Conference Before Fundraiser, Thousands Protest Throughout the Day

President Donald Trump finally came back to Chicago – a city he loves to hate – on Monday morning for his first official visit since he took the oath of […]

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Review: Madeline Miller, Author of Best Seller Circe, Charms at Chicago Humanities Fest

By Valerie Nikolas Power. It’s the theme of this year’s Chicago Humanities Festival (CHF), now in its 30th year of attracting compelling and thoughtful speakers to Chicago. It’s also the central […]

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Portrait of a Lady on Fire

Dispatch: Chicago Film Festival Awards and Wrap-Up

And just like that, another year of the Chicago International Film Festival is behind us. Marking its 55th edition, the festival concluded over the weekend with a few more special […]

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Review: Riceboy Sleeps Reaches New Heights During Its 10th Anniversary Tour

There are few acts that are as timeless and impactful as Sigur Rós. With Jonsi at the helm, Sigur Rós has created some of the most immersive and explosive post […]

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Review: Moons of Madness Brings Lovecraft to Mars

Minor story spoilers follow It’s the best time of year to play spooky games (not that we need an excuse) and Moons of Madness released perfectly on-time for the occasion. […]

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A Beer Named Ella: Celebrating a 19th Century Hop-Picker at the Beer Culture Summit

Ella Seymour was a hop-picker in 19th century Wisconsin. Now there’s a beer named after her. This past Friday night scholars, educators, industry professionals and assorted beer lovers gathered at […]

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Review: Invictus Theatre Sets The Merchant of Venice in 1938 Italy, Amps Up the Anti-Semitism

Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice is a profoundly troubling play. Watching it at any time reminds you of the scourge of anti-Semitism that has beset the world for centuries. Invictus […]

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Review: Music of the Baroque: No Animals—Or Music—Harmed in The Chase

The five pieces in Music of the Baroque’s latest concert, titled The Chase, highlighted the rise of hunting as an organized sport for the European upper class in the 18th century, […]

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First Day of Beer Culture Summit Delivers a (Nearly) Complete History of Beer in One Afternoon

The first full day of the Beer Culture Summit is in the books, and Third Coast Review was on hand at The Field Museum to take in a full day […]

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Jojo Rabbit

Review: Humor and Heart in an Unconventional Jojo Rabbit

It goes without saying, but I’m going to say it anyway: there are times when humor pulls us through or helps us recover from some of the most difficult moments […]

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Western Stars

Review: Bruce Springsteen In Concert—And Deep Thought—in Western Stars

Over the last few years, Bruce Springsteen has taken his skills as a teller of other people’s stories and turned that into a trio of deeply considered and endlessly moving […]

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