Third Coast Rewind: Jonathan Coulton

Jonathan Coulton at Cards Against Humanity HQ in Chicago

Jonathan Coulton at Cards Against Humanity HQ in Chicago

Welcome back to Third Coast Rewind. We’re back at it, this time with an interview with Jonathan Coulton.

Coulton, or JoCo as he is affectionately called by his fan-base, is a musician focused on nerd and geek culture. By mixing his songwriting prowess with funny and insightful thoughts on the geek culture, JoCo has amassed a sizable following. He has contributed songs to Valve video game series Portal and even hosts his own cruise that brings together like-minded performers and fans.

Our writer Marielle Shaw took the reigns this episode and was able to to sit down and speak with JoCo while he was in to town for a show at The Vic with fellow comedic singer songwriters Paul and Storm. You can read here full feature here.

You can keep up with Jonathan Coulton over on his website and more about the JoCo cruise, which is currently booking spots for 2017, here.

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  1. Marielle Shaw is a great writer that I have admired for more than 8 years. I found this interview with Jonathan Coulton a real eye opener and thoroughly enjoyed it entirely.

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