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The 2023 Fan Expo Choose Your Own Adventure Preview Is HERE!

Get in, losers! It’s time for another convention! Lace up your comfiest shoes, get all hydrated and bring fat stacks of cash to Rosemont this weekend (and today!) for Fan […]

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Saturday at C2E2: Panel Catchup

Writers: Pearl Shin, Antal Bokor and Marielle Bokor For the first time since the completion of the series, the main cast of Avatar: The Last Airbender reunited on the C2E2 […]

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Preview: The C2E2 2023 Choose Your Own Adventure

It’s Spring Break time, which means while some are heading to balmier locales for drinking contests and poolside tanning, there’s a different contingent of nerds and pop culture fans headed […]

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Preview: Choose Your Own Adventure at C2E2 2022!

Nature is healing. Summer is in full swing, and Lollapalooza is behind us. Fan Expo kicked off our summer convention circuit, and we, the nerds, will be returning to the […]

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Review: Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl Is a Colorful, Competent Platform Fighter

It’s not a secret that Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl is a rip-off of Super Smash Bros.. It wouldn’t be the first, and it’s definitely not the last to take on the […]

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