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Review: Celebrating Well-Made Books—The Book by Design: The Remarkable Story of the World’s Greatest Invention, edited by P.J.M. Marks and Stephen Parkin

For more than 18 centuries, paper was made with rags—old clothes, sails, and ropes—the same way it had first been fashioned in China. But, by the 19th century, the process of […]

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Opinion: A Pre-Obit for the Physical Book

Make no mistake, I love physical books. I love the weighty feel of a book in my hands. I love the aroma of a book when you open it whether a […]

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Review: Consuming My Religion: Holy Food, by Christina Ward

No matter how busy they were creating the universe, some gods always found time to lay down the law on what their worshippers should eat. Diets and deities have a […]

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Reader of the Banned: City Lit Theater Presents Books on the Chopping Block

Devoting one’s life to banning books undoubtedly cuts into one’s reading time. Those too busy to read the volumes they work so hard to keep others from perusing should consider […]

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Return of the Living Featured Creatures: Chicago Horror Creators Share Favorite Fictional Terrors

It’s Halloween, and everyone’s entitled to one good scare. Lucky you. Third Coast Review has once again asked several Chicago area horror writers and artists for their recommendations on the […]

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Essay: How Many Books Can $30 Buy at the Newberry Book Fair?

When I visited the Newberry Library Book Fair on Friday, I knew I had to come up with a strategy.  It’s a locally famous sale, featuring tens of thousands of […]

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Book Review: The Right Amount of Daring: How to Walk on Water by Rachel Swearingen

By Allison Manley How to Walk on Water by Rachel Swearingen New American Press It’s energizing to pick up a short story collection, knowing almost nothing about it, and finding yourself […]

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Interview: “His Darkest Shadow Self”—A Talk with Horror/Romance Author Rick R. Reed

Tell us a bit about yourself and your writing career.  It’s hard for me to believe my writing “career” has been going on now for more than three decades. My […]

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Dialogs: 2020 CHF Event—Discussing MLK and Malcolm X with Dr. Peniel E. Joseph

Reported by Carr Harkrader “Whoever heard of a revolution that came out singing, and not swinging,” Malcolm X asked about the Reverend Martin Luther King Jr.’s nonviolent civil rights strategy. […]

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Review: Byronic Heroines, Mad, Bad & Dangerous to Know, by Samira Ahmed

Mad, Bad & Dangerous to Know by Samira Ahmed Penguin Random House Reviewed by C.E. Archer-Helke I don’t often find a book that simultaneously transports me to the best parts […]

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Review: Murder Most Female—He Had It Coming, by Kori Rumore and Marianne Mather

He Had It Coming Kori Rumore and Marianne Mather Midway: An Agate Imprint A crime only gains sex appeal after it’s been committed, and it’s usually an ingredient added by […]

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Rubbernecking Rich Living, Chicago Apartments: A Century and Beyond of Lakefront Luxury

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Chicago Apartments: A Century and Beyond of Lakefront Luxury By Neil Harris with Teri J. Edelstein University of Chicago Press, 364 pages, $85 Reading Neil Harris’s Chicago Apartments: A Century […]

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