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Review: Blair Witch VR on Oculus Rift S Rarely Delivers

I wasn’t big into horror in my childhood years–maybe it’s because I’m easily scared. Even so though, when The Blair Witch Project came out, I saw it. Hardly anyone didn’t […]

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Review: Co-Op Space Team VR Challenges the Rabble with Technobabble

Virtual reality has so much untapped potential. For the first few years, the landscape of games for VR was barren and craggy—full of tech demos masquerading as full games, with […]

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Games and Tech Holiday Gift Guide 2019

  2019 was a big year for video games. It saw the release of Death Stranding, Red Dead Remption 2 got a PC port, and sleepers like Outer Wilds and […]

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Review: Beat Saber is a VR Phenomenon, and Now We Know Why

Okay, we might be a little late getting on the Beat Saber hype train, but we’re glad we’re finally here. Beat Saber is a rhythm game where you have to […]

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