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Preview: The C2E2 2023 Choose Your Own Adventure

It’s Spring Break time, which means while some are heading to balmier locales for drinking contests and poolside tanning, there’s a different contingent of nerds and pop culture fans headed […]

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Review: Pixar’s Latest, Onward Finds Adventure, Humor and Heart in a Fantasy World


Before I dive into the latest Pixar film, Onward, I just noticed in looking at the cast list that Julia Louis-Dreyfus voices a character named Laurel Lightfoot, which is a […]

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Disney+ has Disney Classics, Marvel and Star Wars, but also a Whole Heap of Obscure Nostalgia

Disney Plus finally launched today, and there’s lots of buzz about the selection of Marvel movies and shows, and the excitement of Disney finally “unlocking the vault” and letting their […]

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Review: The Science Behind Pixar at MSI is a Wonderful, Hands-On Must See

It’s opening weekend for Incredibles 2, the highly anticipated sequel to Pixar’s amazing tale of a family of superheroes trying to get by in a world that doesn’t want them. Our film critic […]

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Review: Pixar Returns to Pure Entertainment with Incredibles 2

Incredibles 2

Something has changed in the world since writer/director Brad Bird’s The Incredibles hit theaters in 2004—movie theaters have been taken over by superheroes with an alarming regularity. In the last […]

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Review: Coco VR Brings The Land of the Dead to Life

My love of Pixar’s film Coco is deep and profound. Living in New Mexico opened my eyes to Dia de Muertos and helped me cope with the loss of my […]

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Interview: Coco‘s Anthony Gonzalez On Getting the Part, Inspiring Other Kids and the Food at Pixar

The young actor Anthony Gonzalez is a magnificent bundle of 12-year-old energy (he actually turns 13 in a couple of weeks). I can’t think of a human being more excited […]

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